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    Today I experienced the worst customer service I have ever had. The five of us (in our family) arrived at Lorenzas coffeeshop just after 12. I was on my lunch break. We ordered, and four of our drinks arrived fairly promptly, then after another 10 minutes I asked the young girl about the fifth drink which was a coffee thickshake. I got a shrug of the shoulders and she wandered off and came back with a chocolate milkshake. At 12.45 I asked how much longer our food was going to be, the older woman who works went and checked and came back and said another 10 minutes. I said that we had been waiting for half an hour and I needed to go back to work (very politly mind you). She then got very cross and said "Well there is a long line up, do you need to come into the kitchen and see how much there is" I said no, and then asked if I could get a refund for our meals (which was over $50 for our food and drinks eeek) She very rudely said "NO! She is already making it" turned and walked away. When she then appeared again I asked if I could please get it takeaway. "Oh I suppose I can do that, which one is yours" I said I wanted them all takeaway. Big sigh and off she stomps. Then the owner put her head around the corner and said very abruptly, "Oh well do you want your money back then, just give them their money back" Evan said that he didnt have the right drink so they were talking about refunding the drink and food money, I then popped my head into the kitchen and said to the owner "Look I am sorry but this woman has yelled at me and been very rude when all I asked for was my money back" The older woman then started yelling and saying "Say what you bloody want about me, I dont give a shit!" When I turned to her and said "You are very rude" I got told that so was I. When Erin tried to say something to her (approaching her with a Excuse me maam) she was told "I dont want to hear it"I cannot believe that I was yelled at and sworn at for saying that I needed to get my food as I had waited so long and needed to go back to work. Especially since I was very polite to her.We have been going there for lunch every Thursday for a while now. I will never set foot back in there. Shame on the new owners.
    By Bronwyn Pearce, August 25, 2018

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